Cory Haines offers the following types
of Performance:

Conjured Visions - A full-length, family-friendly adaption of Cory's incomparable, award-winning stage magic act.  This show incorporates magic, music, and storytelling to take the audience on an unforgettable magical journey that will leave them truly transformed.

Slight of Mind - An unbelievable full-length show featuring feats of mind reading, precognition, and incredible memory and math demonstrations.  This show is best suited for adults and teens.

Wizard School - The perfect entertainment choice for your next children's
(8 + years old) event.  The children (and grown ups) don't just get to watch a magic show, they get to learn to be magicians themselves.  There is no other experience that compares to this one!

Close-Up Mysteries - In this event you will witness astonishing mysteries,
performed close-up and right before your eyes in an intimate setting.  The ideal
entertainment for your next dinner or cocktail party.  Your guests will be talking
about it for some time to come. 


Phone:  (518) 426-8993

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