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CORY HAINES has been playing drums and performing magic for more than 25 years. Below are some of his more notable experiences:

*  Was awarded "Most Original Magic Act, 2009" by the Magician's Alliance of Eastern States.

*  Received a rating of "Outstanding" (the highest rating available) from the New York State Scholastic Music Association (NYSSMA).

*  Has learned from some of the best magicians in the world, including Jeff McBride, Eugene Berger, Mac King, and Lance Burton; through Master Class at the prestigious McBride Mystery School, and individual lessons with Jeff McBride

*  Attended improvisational comedy workshops with the Second City National Touring Company.

*  Has appeared as an actor in many productions through Masque Theatre, Inc., where he is also a member of the Board of Directors. 

*  Additionally, holds degrees in the areas of Anthropology and Law.  At his "dayjob,"  Cory works for the state of NY as an Administrative Judge.

Contact:  CoryHainesMagic@yahoo.com

Phone:  (518) 426-8993

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