Magic, Music, and Rhythm

Utilizing the drum as a voice 
for nature's rhythms, the Magician brings that voice 
to the stage, expressing an understanding of nature, 
and, therefore, of all that is.

"Magic" is many things to many people. I think, to be a great magic artist, you have to focus on the images that magic brings to your own mind.

I see nature as the most powerful force there is, and so magic is the only thing that can conquer it. The challenge is that magic is actually a part of nature, not a seperate entity to itself, so the Magician does not actually control nature, but rather, has to have learned  how to function within it. 

I incorporate the drum into my performance because the drum represents the cycles and rhythms by which natural forces operate. In nature, there are ever-changing cycles, such as the rising and falling tides; changes of the seasons; and solar and lunar cycles.


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